How to Request a Security Guard License in The State You are Living in

Are you in a phase of your life in which you believe it is time to switch careers? Then you should ask yourself if a job in the security industry might not be the right position for you. With crime rates escalating, both businesses and individuals have become more informed concerning crime and they choose to safeguard their properties and customers from any kind of criminal activities. Because of this fact, licensed security guards are much sought after these days. You see security guards at all kinds of locations, think of airports, shopping malls and public events. Their existence is becoming more crucial than ever to protect our wellbeing. If you are thinking about an occupation as a security guard, then the sole thing you should do before you are allowed to start off job searching is to get your state-certified security guard license. The best part is that applying for your license isn't even as hard or time intensive as many people think it is...

Anyone who wants to become employed as a security guard should first consult with their state's licensing agency what the security guard requirements are. In virtually all of the United States a license is required, however the procedure and regulations to apply for one vary considerably from state to state. Even so, we could define a few common demands that the majority of states have for the licensing of fresh security officers. Read along or just watch the video below to find out more about the licensing of security guards...

Security Guard Licensing Requirements

First off, nearly all state licensing offices require everyone who is requesting a security guard license to record and submit fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The fingerprint submission is necessary to analyze your criminal background and guarantee your state's licensing department that you haven't committed any criminal offenses in past times. Before you can have your fingerprints scanned however, you will want to find out which fingerprinting models are currently being recognised by the state you live in. Currently there are 2 commonly used methods for fingerprint recording. The first involves getting your fingerprints taken on the old fashioned ink fingerprinting cards and mailing them to the FBI via mail. With the 2nd method, which makes the procedure go considerably quicker, fingerprints are being registered and delivered to the FBI electronically. On this site you can learn more about fingerprinting. Considering that it normally takes approximately 4 (four) weeks for the criminal record results to become available, it's highly recommended to have your fingerprints registered as soon as you know which formats are currently being accepted by the state you live in. 

A second popular requirement is to follow a specific training course for security guards. Even though the expected duration and topics dealt with in the training course can vary per state, nearly all licensing bureaus require candidates to follow an 8-hour classroom training course in which they are going to be prepared for their near future job as a security guard. The course features topics such as the best ways to accurately monitor an area, recognize suspicious activities and submit accurate reports. For those who are operating as a police officer It may be important to know that they could be exempt from education and fingerprinting demands, depending on which state these people are now living in.

Since we now have properly recorded our fingerprints and completed the mandatory training program, we should inform the licensing office that we would like to obtain our security guard license. The exact application method again alters from state to state, however in the majority of cases it will involve filling in a license request form and submitting it either on the internet or by postal mail to the licensing agency. To acquire an application form, we advise you to visit a security guard training instructor in your area, most of them can provide you the needed paperwork. Here's a link to an application form to give you an idea of what to expect.

That's about it to get licensed as a security guard. In most states there's very little more to it... However, you should know that a majority of states require supplemental certificates for the use of weaponry, for instance batons or firearms. Your basic security guard license doesn't enable you to find employment as an armed security guard. If you're seriously interested in becoming employed in the security sector, we would suggest you to consult the bureau that is responsible for licensing within your state to find out exactly what your state's demands are... To a smooth application process!