Do you feel like you are the right man or woman to be employed as a private security officer in Colorado? Outstanding Choice! However, in order to be able to work as a security oficer, you need to obtain a personal Colorado security guard license, which is the sole document that allows you to function as as a guard. In the majority of US states, a license, should be applied for through the state's licensing bureau. In Colorado however, a personal guard card can exclusively be requested from the city's licensing responsible or clerk, considering the fact that CO State does not distribute guard cards. You should also be aware of the fact that you first have to seek for an employer that is serious about hiring you before you can make application for a security license. Having said all of this, we can get started with describing the specific application process.

To begin with there's an age requirement that is being applied. Colorado Security guard license candidates must be no less than 18 years of age for an unarmed guard license and 21 years old for an armed license. Zero exceptions are made on this requirement, so those who don't satisfy the age condition for their preferred type of security license shouldn't bother trying to apply.

Secondly, license applicants have to follow an elementary security guard education course so that they're properly prepared for their duty as a security officer. The education program takes 8 hours and covers subjects such as how to write correct reports, the authorized use of force and emegency situations training. The training program can be followed at a security training school which has to be certified by the state of Colorado. Because this blog focuses on the licensing of security guards, we want to recommend you a fantastic source of information on the web for security guard training information.

A third request is to submit fingerprints to enable a criminal record analysis by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. By doing this, the town clerk can make sure that you have not committed any felonies in past times and that you are capable to work as a security guard.Currently there are actually 2 techniques to send in fingerprints. The first will involve submitting classic ink fingerprint cards by postal mail. The second procedure consists of having your fingerprints captured and submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in a digital format.

When all desires are fulfilled, a guard license request form can be filled in and transmitted to the city clerk or licensing officer.Here's an example of an application form. Some cities demand that the license application form comes with a notarized signature. This just means that the license application form is signed in front of a notary public. Several banks provide cost-free notary services to their clientele, and even in case yours doesn't, you must never spend more than a few bucks to have your signature notarized. Remember to add the five additional required files to the security guard license application form, which we will outline for you below.

In order to acquire the first demanded set of papers, you will need to ask three individuals who have known you for a minimum of twelve months to write a letter of reference and add the letters of reference to the license request form. You should be aware that your references must not contain members of your family. As a way to provide proof to the licensing responsible that you haven't got any mental issues that may stop you from being occupied as a private security guard, you will also need to visit a certified physician and request a mental health certificate. Please be aware that you are required to request your security officer license within a period of 60 days after the medical record got written. Next in the set of mandatory records that need to be added to the application is a letter of intent to hire from your future employer in which the nature of your services are explained along with the beginning day of occupation and the city where you will be employed to work. Once you've found a future employer and attained the letter of intent, you must include the proof of background verification which you attained from the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) after you posted your for processing. The fifth set of records that is expected to be offered with the security guard license request form is a copy of your social security card and your CO driver's license or state identification card.

If you finished the schooling course haven't committed any felonies in the past, there shouldn't be a problem in being granted a license that allows you to get occupied as a security officer. From now on you can start job hunting for a position as a security guard. The employment fields that are open to you vary from government offices to hospitals or airports. Best of luck with your career as a Colorado security guard!

Welcome to the Security Guard Licensing Blog on Weebly. Although i'm a sucker with intro's, i'll try to do my best to make you feel welcome from the first post. The main goal of The Security Guard Licensing Blog is to educate people who want to enter the security guard industry. Because we are a group of passionate guards ourselves, we wanted to build a place to go for starters in the field. 

Those of you who have been job hunting in the last couple of years have definitely seen the numerous security guard positions. A growing number of people as well as companies start to hire the services of security guards to protect their properties from people with criminal intentions. As a result, licensed and competent security guards are in high demand.
We noticed that a lot of people are seeing the opportunities and want to start working as a security guard, but they don't know how and where to get started. The most common obstacle is obtaining the security guard license. Anyone working in the US security industry needs to carry a state-certified license in order to legally do their job. Because licensing is regulated on a state level rather than a nation wide level, many people find it hard to find the right information for the state they are living in...

That's where The Security Guard Licensing Blog comes in. With our blog, we want to provide detailed and step-by-step guides on how to obtain a security guard license for the state you want to be working in. We think that by sharing our combined knowledge and experience of almost 80 years, we can be of great help to fresh security guards.

Make sure to check for updates on a regular basis, as we will do our very best to add all of the 50 states by the end of the year. You shouldn't take that as a promise though, maybe i'm being overconfident here, and my fellow security guards will always make me remember this... Anyway, here are a few links to get you startet already. We've got the security guard licensing WikiSpace which houses a lot of valuable information. Next in the line is another one you don't want to miss when you're starting out as a security guard, an article about the current security guard equipment standards. It's a very valuable article because it illustrates what kinds of equipment security guards may or may not carry, depending on their license. You might also want to take a look at the security guard page on Wikipedia, where you'll find some interesting facts about the job as a security guard. Until another update, keep it safe ;)
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